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About Us

The Bold Gear Company was founded by a  passionate rider who was tired of settling for ill-fitting gear. After years of testing out some of the most popular brand names, I remained highly unsatisfied with the products I received. While meeting other riders on rides, I learned that this was a common feeling amongst riders. Even if you were able to find high-quality gear, the prices were so outrageous to make it nearly impossible for even the most successful club racers. To address this sport-wide issue and provide riders with personalized, comfortable, and professional-quality gear without charging ridiculous prices, I started The Bold Gear Company.

Three Motorcycles
Image by vikram sundaramoorthy

Our Mission

We're driven by a passion for breaking the status quo. For too long, riders have had to settle for subpar equipment. The Bold Gear Company's mission is to provide custom-designed and made-to-measure leather suits and other motorcycle riding gear for riders. We even go a step further by incorporating bespoke pattern designs to match your motorcycle's color scheme!

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